Recumbent Tandem Hitch

Recumbent Tricycle (Trike) Tandem Hitch

Recumbent Trikes Tandem Hitch

Our custom recumbent trike tandem hitch came about out of a need of one of our valued customers. This unique hitch allows two recumbent trikes to be hitched together as if they were a tandem bicycle.

It’s simple to install – just bolt the clamps on the frame and tighten the quick release and you’re ready to ROLL…

Recumbent Tandem Hitch

Each person can pedal so everyone gets the Physical Benefits of exercise!  This is a great hitch to use with those who may have some physical disabilities and cannot ride on their own, but still would enjoy the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy some exercise.

Install the new Recumbent Tandem Hitch on to your recumbent trikes and take your loved one out for a spin.

Contact us for more information – find out how affordable it is to turn your recumbent tricycle into a Tandem ride!

Recumbent Tandem Hitch

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